Member List


Kevin Apfel Becky Aubrey David Calverley Jim Damrow Carol Engebretson Jim Farrell
Dave Fleig Steven Genin Zach Goswick Samantha Guthrie Jim Holmstrom Chris Isackson
Holly Jensen Lisa Johnson Joe Locher Jim McMullen David Messling Harvey Miller
Sandy Molski Bob Morin David O'Leary Kevin O'Leary Lisa Peterson Olivia Peterson
Ed Pulliam Jen Punzel Julie Raese Robbi Seales Beth Tallon Tom Waller
Phil Whitehead Michele Zimmerman      





Dues and Costs

(Club Fiscal Year is Oct - Sept)

For existing Members:

Kiwnis International Dues  $77 annually (billed annually)

District Dues                       $33 annually (billed annually)

Local Dues                          $120 annually (billed in quarterly installments of $30)

TOTAL                                $230 per year (plus meal and special event costs)

Meals are $11/meal


For New Members:

  • International and District Dues (combined)  are $65 for the first fiscal year.
  • Local Dues remain $120 annually, but will be pro-rated based on month of enrollment.  
  • Meals are $11/meal

**Note: Above information is current as of February 2017.  Dues/meal charges are subject to change.


Important Links

Kiwanis International

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Kiwanis One

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Wisconsin Upper Michigan (WI-UM) District

  • Link to our Club's District site